Welcome to my online gallery!
look at interior
"The Summer's Day", Oil, canvas, 24x36
look at interior
"Poppies on a White", Oil, canvas, 24x36

Welcome to my web page.  I am Artist that grew up in Russia and now has made it to the United States. I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. I love to create beautiful art of all types, but I have a preference for oil colour. The wonderful thing about oil painting is the way it is possible to make alterations, to work at certain areas over again, instead start all over again! I can add new colors and new details at any time. My recent focus has been flowers. I am trying to paint the flowers giving it a unique look. My paintings have a positive energy and make a unique accent to any interior, creating warmth and harmony. Please take a look at my paintings for more pictures and information. Also, you can see how it looks in interiors. I'm trying out new artistic directions. Several months ago I began to create ACEO that collectors are buying around the world. See my ACEO

I am not only an artist, also I am a Designer. I worked as a Graphic Designer in a big advertising company for almost 6 years. Recently, I have been working to create a web design and development of web sites. You can also view my portfolio.Thank you for visiting.